Should I Run A Background Check On My Boyfriend?

Getting to know someone new is usually a safe and rewarding experience, but women should always remain aware of the possible dangers when meeting a potential boyfriend. For this reason, it isn’t unreasonable to consider something like a background check on a person you have just met. Especially if he seems just too good to be true.

Many People Hide The Truth About Themselves

Unfortunately, many people can – and do – lie or hide the truth about their identities and their past, so it’s good to know more about the person you’ve just met, especially if you have children involved. Being able to trust your children with your potential partner is an absolute must. A comprehensive background check will help put your fears to rest.

In this day and age Internet dating isn’t as taboo as it once was. During the early years of the Internet, meeting people online was frowned upon as it was considered dangerous and desperate. But some ten to fifteen years later, Internet dating has become one of the primary ways to meet potential mates. What better way to meet someone than to widen your range of possibilities by the hundreds? You can meet people online that you would never normally meet in the grocery store, or in passing, and this is appealing to the many busy single people out there.

So what are the dangers faced when meeting new people in clubs or online? One only has to read the papers or watch the news to find out. There are many real life stories where women have met men online who were not who they said they were. There are many cases where women have chatted for months with a man online, only to find he was not who he said he was, i.e. not the same age, gender, race, etc.

You may ask yourself, is he REALLY who he says he is? Some men tend to alter their appearances or profile in order to appear more attractive to women. There are many who beef up their profile with details that are false, and worse, there are some who may even be convicted felons or con artists looking to scam unsuspecting women.

In a recent police report, a Norfolk, Virginia woman was scammed out of over $100,000 when she developed a relationship with a man she met online. Over the course of nearly a year, they chatted and exchanged emails and eventually the man, who had given her details about his supposed history and employment, started to request money from her for various reasons. At first the amounts were small and seemed like they were for legitimate reasons, but over time, she eventually transferred almost $123,000 to the man before realizing it was a scam.

Getting A Background Check

There are many public records available, such as criminal and family records, that can be found on your state’s judicial website. Finding these records requires extensive research and the experience to know where to look. One could also hire a private investigator, but that is often prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

Instead, a better and faster way to is to use a professional online background checking company. They will do all the work for you and will provide the information, both good and bad, in one easy to read report. Not only does this provide a more thorough investigation, it is very inexpensive, often costing less than twenty dollars for a comprehensive report. Plus, the best thing about it is you can do all this without leaving the comfort your home.

Now, the question that everyone wants to know – will he know if you run a background check on him? The short answer is no. There’s no way for the person to know if anyone is checking them out on the Internet, or through a company that does background checks. In fact, if you’re paying for a check through one of the many online businesses that provide them, your identity will be totally secure.

Some Tips For Staying Safe

Remember, if you’re meeting in clubs and bars, as always take proper precautions. Never travel in sketchy or unsafe areas alone and be careful about how much you drink and with whom.

For online dating, some tips you can follow to be more cautious are:

•Ask if you can talk via video chat, such as Skype or Face Time
•Make sure physical proportions match up
•Look for extreme grammar and spelling mistakes or profiles that seem too “perfect.” Some profiles may have been copied and pasted from others.
•Ask as many questions as possible
•Never send anyone money!

Performing a background check on someone you’ve just met may have an air of paranoia to it, but just remember – there’s a difference between being paranoid and having a healthy dose of awareness. Be cautious and safe, and dating can be a great experience.

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